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Ways to Re-use Vinyl Flooring Tiles


Vinyl flooring tiles normally have a lot of benefits as a surface in your home. It is affordable and also available in various patterns and colors. It is also easy to maintain. Whether they are leftover pieces of you buy them for other uses, you can consider the following options to repurpose these materials.

Wood shims

These are helpful around your house whenever you need to stabilize pieces of furniture like tables or large bookshelves. Makes small shims out of the tiny pieces of vinyl then slide them between the floor and the furniture for stability.woodshims

Line under your sink cabinets

Under the sink areas in your kitchen and bathroom are often dirty and damp places. You can protect the flooring, cabinetry, and subflooring in such areas by cutting pieces of vinyl to fit the bottom of your cabinet. Once this is done, put the pieces in the cabinet, and they will serve as effective barriers against dirt and moisture. If you have plumbing problems in such areas, consider resolving the leaks before you move on with this project as water damage can continue.

Protecting wood from clamps

Working with normally involves clamping pieces together for joining them with nails, glue or screws. When joining wood with clamps, you have to take care to avoid damaging the surface of the wood with clamping hardware. To avoid the unsightly damages, cut small scraps of this material and insert between the hardware and the wood to protect it from dents. When you have finished, remove the clamps as well as the squares.

Utilitarian backsplash

Backsplashes cover the area between cupboards and countertops. In your kitchen backsplash may be expensive materials like stone or tile. In other rooms, like laundry rooms or workshops, you may opt for less expensive material to serve as a backsplash. You can consider covering these areas with remnants. Choose a piece of color that will coordinate with your room décor. These materials can serve as protective barriers for the wall which you can easily clean with a damp piece of cloth.

Mats for different purposes

Some areas of the house may benefit from small vinyl flooring mats that are cut to size. For instance, make a mat for keeping the area you use for your pet food clean. Cut another mat for use under your litterbox to simplify cleaning. You can use cut-to-size mats as art mats for your children to keep the work surfaces clean from glue and paint.

Innovative coasters

coastersWhen wet objects are placed on wood surfaces, they can cause water damage. Whether you put glasses on your coffee table or have planters sitting at the end tables or shelves, it is easy to allow moisture from such items to damage the wood furnishings. Cut circles of about one-inch larger than your glassware or planters in diameter then glue two of these circles together with right sides facing out. This way you will create practical and attractive coasters.