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Best Ideas for Selecting and Buying Cheap Bongs

Picking a bong would be the wisest choice you make right now about your vaping experience. Bongs make up one of those things that you must have or else you will be missing out. If you already know this, then there is a high likelihood that you have several bongs already. Nothing should stop you from going out again to find cheap bongs to help you out for specific occasions. Each available bong comes with a particular design and impression making it suitable for some and unsuitable for other people. Nevertheless, you still need some information on the right way of going about the purchase, and that is where the following tips come to your rescue.

The style matters

Cheap bongs come in the straight tube, beaker, and recycler designs. You can go with the straight tube because it will clear a dense smoke and give you a clear quick. Consider it if you are seeking the impressive smoke. Otherwise, you may pick the beaker bongs for the capability to have more volume yet producing less dense smoke. However, you must expect the beaker to be a bit hard to clear. The upside is that it gives preferable rips. The third option is the recycler that people choose when they have concentrated to smoke, and it recycles the water hence the name. It is only necessary for sophisticated users.

Check the thickness of the glass

Your cheap bongs can still have decent designs and quality construction. Have a look at their glass thickness to tell whether they would be good for you. If the thickness is adequate then you bong will last for a considerable time. Additional thickness also improves the durability of the bong. If it gets too think then, it might be cumbersome, and handling will be a problem. You can end up hating the bong for no other reason other than the fact that it takes too much effort to lift. However, that might come in handy if people using the bong are rowdy and careless since the thickness will prevent breakage.

Bong joints

Bongs also have joints that are 14mm or 18mm mostly in size, and it would be a good idea to match the size of joints to ensure interoperability. They are a small feature that will not matter much but may be important when you are seeking a replacement. You do not want to remain stuck with too many broken bongs with no capability to interchange some of their features.

Check the ease of cleaning

Regular maintenance of the bong will be crucial for ensuring it serves you right. You have to clean it once in a while when it gets dirty. You should go for an easy to clean design. You can also consider the materials and appearance of the bong since they can affect how clean it looks. Having percolators makes a bong quite difficult to clean, and that is the downside to expect despite the known preferences for the percolators. Meanwhile, some people swear by the ash catchers for their bongs since they make the task of cleaning quite straightforward.…

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