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The Common Types of Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a financial guarantee stating that a defendant is likely to appear in court. For instance, if the bail amount is paid and later the defendant does not show at the court, then the court will keep the bail and then issue a warrant for an arrest.

As a lawyer, you need to ensure that you know all the available types of bail bonds. These bonds will later help you to secure a defendant’s release from jail. But as a beginner, you need to research a lot of valuable factors that will help you to understand all the common types of bail bonds.

Getting yourself out of custody might be an easy task if you are familiar with the bail bonds available. As a lawyer, make sure that you understand each type before you make any decision. There are San Diego bail bonds agents with experience to help most people or criminals out of jail. But the following are the common types of bail bonds you are required to know.bail bond

Property Bond

A property bond is the one that posts the value of tangible property to get a pre-trial release from jail. But most of the jurisdictions need a current tax statement that shows its worth. Also, a report that is signed by both parties indicating that the property can be used to finance a bond should be provided.

With this kind of a bond, if the defendant fails to come in court, then the property may be put into foreclosure. After the foreclosure process, the court will now declare to collect the amount that is being owed.

Bonding Company

A bail bondsman can be used to post a defendant’s bond to release them from prison. However, you should understand that the bonding company charges various non-refundable fees. Therefore, if you are interested in this type of bail bond, ensure that you hire a professional lawyer.

Own Recognizance

With this type of a bail bond, a defendant is not supposed to spend his or her money because he or she will sign a form stating that they should appear in court at a given period. Also, it is available for the minor misdemeanor offenses.

Cash Bond

Lastly, we have a cash bond where you need to spend most of your money to claim for a release from jail. Therefore, in this situation, a defendant puts up the money, and he is released depending on the ruling of the judge.…

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