Saint Martin Island: A Coral Paradise in Bangladesh

Saint Martin Island

I remember I went to Saint Martin back in 2012. I was out of college and was bored and also broke to go abroad. Me and two of my friends just planned it on the spot.

Usually, the best time to go to that island paradise is wintertime. Usually, the summertime gives you a lot of turbulence and sometimes you can’t even pass even with a large boat.

The route:

The only way to reach Saint Martin island is through Teknaf. First, you got to take a bus to cox’s bazar which would cost around 400-1400BDT, depending on how you go. Even by plane, it won’t cost you more than 2000BDT.

After reaching cox’s bazar, you can actually book your trip from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf and it’s going to cost around 700 which includes a bus to Teknaf, and the steamer from Teknaf to Saint Martin island.

The Island:

The island can be seen from at least 3 km from the sea. As it approached the island, I got lost in the blueness of the ocean. The island stands humble with her beauty and absolute peaceful ambiance. There aren’t many hotels there, and hotels would cost you around 2000BDT in coral view resort for every night with an ocean view room. There are other lodging options too, though it’s not very safe and I wouldn’t really recommend it. After you get settled, you can always take a stroll on the beach. The main beach is pretty peaceful and breezy with abundant coconut trees and hedges here and there. You can get your lunch on the beach as fishermen sell fried fish, freshly caught from the ocean. The menu would include prawns, crabs, and pamphlets.

Famous novelist Humayun Ahmed had a resort there, and he mentioned Saint Martin island as one of his most places on earth. I can actually relate to the late great writer myself. The island actually gave me a feeling of peace and serenity in me. For lunch, I’d suggest you take food on the beach and get your dinner early. Cause usually everything closes after sundown.

The second beach on the other side of Saint Martin island is actually a remote beach with rocks. It’s a rocky beach, where we enjoyed the sunset and played football on the beach.  After sundown, the whole island closes off their businesses. So getting food early is advisable. And at night you can walk the beach to build your appetite.

It’s better if you plan the trip for 3 days at least. On the next morning, we went to Chera dip and swam around the ocean. The water is Saint Martin area is very transparent like you see on movies on documentaries. Lots of marine sea life are indigenous to Saint Martin’s belt too. It’s a unique place, I couldn’t believe Bangladesh had such graceful natural wonder in her. The corals are the reasons the island got its pet name coral island of Bangla.

Even though the corals are dying, it’s still beautiful to see colorful corals under the water. But be careful not to step on them. It gives you a very nasty cut, and infection, and the healthcare facility on the island isn’t that great yet, so I totally recommend against getting your feet cut by the corals obviously.


So in around 7000BDt you can actually go and visit the island paradise known as Saint Martin island. The natural beauty beguiled me and I kept looking back when I was leaving. As I left, I felt like having a great experience which is still etched on my mind. The place is not very well maintained, by maintaining the island, Saint Martin island can be the most exclusive tourist destination in Bangladesh.


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