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Everything You Should Know About Japanese Pancakes

pancake with salmon

Japanese do well in making sumptuous breakfast. If you think your regular pancakes are the best, you need to taste the Japanese hotcakes. Twice as fluffy, tall, and thick, these are the pancakes you need for breakfast. The next time you have visitors, you should prepare these for them. In fact, you can blow their minds with this delicious, unique take on the regular flapjacks.

These hotcakes are ideal for special occasions such as bridal shower or birthday. They have a crispy exterior, but with extra sweetness than the regular ones. In fact, they are decadent and out of the norm. Thus, you have a reason to give them a try. There is no need to travel all the way to Japan to enjoy these pancakes. You can easily prepare them at the comfort of your home.

Types of Japanese Pancakes


japanese hotcakeThey were fast introduced in Japan by Hawaiian breakfast cafes and restaurants. Over the years, they evolved into a Japanese style of pancake known as hotcakes. You can distinguish them by their texture that is thick yet light. Also, they can be a few inches high. In addition, they are topped with different ingredients like chocolate syrup, mounds, cream, and sliced fruit. These pancakes are not only meant for breakfast, but they can be enjoyed with tea or coffee at any given time.


These are known to have a traditional Japanese flavor. They have a sweetened azuki bean paste that is sandwiched between the two pancakes. This type of pancake has been around for over 1000 years. It has a gong-like shape. This pankcake can be filled by cream or bean paste.


These are traditional French desserts that are quite popular in Japan. However, unlike the French version, these are not eaten with a fork or knife, you can enjoy them with your bare hands. You can find them sold in the streets. The common fillings include whipped cream, chopped nuts, ice cream, chocolate sauce, and sliced fruit. Usually, it is rolled up in a paper cone. This makes it easy to eat and hold while standing.


pancakesThis type of pancake has its origins in Osaka. It can be fried on a grill. The major difference with some other Japanese pancakes is that it does not contain cabbage. Rather it has finely diced leek that is mixed with batter. This explains why it has a thin size. You can enjoy it with soy sauce or greens.


This pancake has roots in Osaka or the Kansai region. In fact, it is the most popular of all savory pancakes you can find in Japan. Its name literally means anything that you like. It features a wide range of ingredients that are cooked fluffy batter on a teppan cooktop. The major ingredients include shrimp, pork belly, green onion, sliced cabbage, and shrimp. It can be served hot with various condiments like okonomiyaki sauce, green seaweed, and much.