Apple introduces Apple Arcade – World’s first game subscription service

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade does not stop, and is that after the last announcement of 5 new titles at the end of October. It is the World’s first game subscription service. We have here a new batch of games for our iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. With this latest announcement there are 94 games available for Apple TV and iOS and 87 on MacOS, a number that begins to be considerable considering the youth of the environment.

5 more games to continue shaping the Apple Arcade catalog:

5 are the titles that have been presented in this last shipment, below we explain a little of each one.

·The Mosaic: A dark game about routine breakdown in a monotonous and structured society, until strange events begin to happen in your environment.

·Super Mega Mini Party: 8 competition mini-games for up to 4 people, which also allows you to compete as a team among the participants.

·Star Fetched: A game about a space adventurer who is transported to a distant solar system to help combat an impending alien attack. A 2D platform game that surely brings a lot of entertainment.

·Monomals: It is about getting the Monomals to fish, creatures that once caught can be used on a mixer to create melodies and songs.

·Jumper Jon: Undoubtedly one of the most striking games. It is about overcoming different levels of a world in which “only” you have 30 seconds, which will be consumed if you do not advance on the map and defeat enemies. In this way, in addition to moving forward, we will have to worry that our timer does not reach 0.

No one can doubt that Apple and the developers are betting strongly on the Apple video game platform, although at first, I create a bit of skepticism to see that only independent titles were developed, after a period of contact we can see how it seems to be that Arcade has a formidable future ahead.


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