4 Tips to Look Attractive Without Makeup

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Do you know how to become attractive without taking any makeup? If you are one of those who do not want to wear makeup, these tips will help you look attractive without them.

Many women are stopping wearing makeup, and the trend is still increasing, as the American tv portal points out.

This does not mean that we stop looking beautiful, quite the opposite. The following tips will help you look beautiful skin without the use of so many cosmetics.

  1. Perform facial exercises

Facial exercises will help you to have your face toned will prevent the skin from becoming flaccid. At the same time, they help reduce the signs of tiredness and dark circles. This way you will avoid wearing makeup to disguise them.

To combat wrinkles that form on the lips, practice the following exercise: you must pronounce the vowels aloud 10 times. Stretch your mouth to the maximum for good results. It is very simple and you can do it in the morning and at night, before bedtime.

  1. Enhance the contour of your eyes

The eye contour is the first that usually betrays the passage of time. When the years pass, the skin becomes translucent and finer, and thus the detestable dark circles appear. But to delay its appearance, there is a wide range of products to take care of this area.

Apply the product purchased in small quantities, distribute it from the temple, and go by doing gentle massages from the outside in. You must do the same for the eyelids.

  1. Exfoliate your face

Exfoliate your skin is a way to highlight your beauty. To make your complexion look perfect and beautiful, clean or exfoliate your face at least once a week. You can do it using cosmetic products, or prepare them homemade, with sugar and oil.

Exfoliation cleanses your face, removes dead skin and also impurities. Thanks to this, your skin will look natural and attractive.

  1. Hydrate

Hydration is very important for the skin to look clean and smooth. In fact, before using any product, wash your face with water. In this way, the pores of the skin will dilate and so you can better absorb the nutrients from the products you use.

Try to drink 2 liters of water a day, eat healthy, avoid saturated and fat-rich products. Also consume fruits that contain vitamin C, since they contain collagen, which will help you have beautiful skin without the need for makeup.


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